To help prevent damage to plants by thrips and psyllids etc, we now have Cropsafe protection mesh, and economical Bugnet mesh in stock.

Home gardeners will find our Bugnet, which is available from major hardware stores, to be a useful preventitive measure in keeping small insects out of the enclosed garden or plant area.  Our Bugnet mesh, being lightweight, can also be laid across plant rows or on simple hoops or frames to keep insect pests from damaging crops. Air and water permeable. Please contact us for the name of your local supplier of Bugnet.

Cropsafe is a commercial quality air and water permeable anti insect mesh with a 3 year UV warranty and approx .58mm mesh size.

Of interest to commercial growers, recent tests by Lincoln University have shown that using these meshes has a positive effect in preventing damage by tomato psyllid. Tests are being carried out for potato Psyllid protection. These are looking positive at this stage. Cosio has supplied some of the protection meshes for field testing.

Cosio Cropsafe mesh is designed for the commercial user and can be installed on all vents, doors, ventillation ports or any other access points in the greenhouse and this mesh should minimise insects from entering the glass or plastic house. Cropsafe mesh will also let water, light and air pass through.

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