Geotextile Products

Contact us for all ground and embankment stabilisation requirements. 

From Low Tech to High Tech solutions for farm roadways to civil engineering applications, we have a product to suit.


Width Length Colour
1 metre 20 metre Natural Jute brown
1.83 metre
1.00 metre
20 metre
5 metre

Biodegradable Natural Ground Cover matting for weed control, erosion control.

Made from natural biodegradable jute fibres. Can be pinned to ground or sloping banks.

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FILTERSOCK silt prevention for pipes

Size Length Colour
65mm, 110mm, 160mm 15m, 30m, 45m, 50m, 100m rolls White - with coded marker stripes
 Filtersock Drain sleeve    

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Size Length Colour
200mm to 900mm I.D. or custom made flume To requirements Green PVC

Stainless Steel Clamps available upon request
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LANDTEX Roading Fabric


Width Length Colour
3.85m per metre, 10m, 25m, 50m, Beige

Landtex is a woven polypropylene roading fabric for use under gravel on roads, driveways, parking areas and farm access and races . Landtex spreads the vehicle wheel loadings and prevents mud being pushed up and the gravel lost into the soil or ground below.

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