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 TESTIMONIAL June 6th 2013

To Whom It May Concern

I have been using Cosio Industries products for more than 20 years.  Some of my older greenhouses have Cosio plastic films that have lasted over 20 years on the walls.

I have found that their Green House Films, Weed Mat, Shade Cloths and Wind Breaks have lasted longer and preformed better than other competing products in the market.

I am proud to say that 97% of my greenhouses are clad in Cosio supplied Films and Cloths. (This is over 10,500m2 in area ) The inner plastic films on my green houses have never worn out and the outside plastic films have an expected average life of around 13 years. This long life of the cladding occurs even when my greenhouses are located on the side of a hill and they are very exposed to high winds from all directions.

Throughout the last 20 years we have always had small trial areas, of other suppliers products, on the other 3% of my greenhouses. Although those films do last the warranty period, the best substitute film has only lasted half the time of the typical Cosio supplied green house film.

All growers are aware that products are constantly being updated, changed or the manufacturing base may be shifted. As different products have been provided over the years I have found the Sales and Management team at Cosio's very knowledgeable and always willing to listen and learn from my feedback on what they are sourcing and selling.

If you are looking to buy quality products for your business, that are proven and last, I would recommend that you look at the range of products that Cosio can supply you with.

 Malcolm Aylward

B. Com. and B.E.

Secretary New Zealand Export Orchid Growers Association



TESTIMONIAL April 22nd 2013

Aquatic Lifestyles of Tauranga recently ordered a specially made 30% Ultra-pro shadecloth cover for their new retail yard.

Peter Brymer the owner told us “Installed shade panel and it fits perfectly. Looks great, an awesome job Thanks.