COIRTEX Coconut Fibre Biodegradable Ground Cover for landscapers

Coirtex, a coir ( coconut fibre )  based 100% natural biodegradable ground cover used for erosion control, revegetation, embankment protection and landscaping is now in stock.

Coirtex is made from a 100% natural degradable coconut fibre bonded together with a natural latex which makes the product very easy to work with and resists pulling apart when cutting or laying.

The advantages of Coirtex over other products is that it retains water and soil moisture, keeps soils moist and warmer, helps suppress weeds, prevents erosion by rain washout, helps hold seeds and plants in place and becomes a natural fertiliser. Simply roll Coirtex out over the area to be covered and pin down using Cosio weedmat pins or staples.

The rolls are available ex stock in 2 metre width x 25 metre rolls. The weight per square metre is approx 400 grams/m2 and expected life outdoors is 12 - 24 months, giving plants time to establish themselves.